Thierry Henry: Arsenal can win the FA Cup and still finish in Top Four – Just Believe!

Thierry Henry’s loan period back at Arsenal may be at an end, but the Gunners legend is still trying to galvanize the troops ahead of today’s FA Cup match against Sunderland.

He is certain that Arsenal can still make a success of this season despite Wednesday’s 4-0 demolition by AC Milan. He was asked if he thought that the team could recover enough to still win a trophy, and he replied: “Why not?”

“This team is not far from winning something, we all know it.

“If you can win at Sunderland, you don’t know how the draw is going to be. You might play at home next, then the semi-finals are around the corner.

“You never know if Jack is going to come back and Abou Diaby is not far from coming back. You don’t know what could happen. If you are still in the competition then those players coming back will only help you find top form.

“Hopefully the team can stay in the competition, even though it will be tough at Sunderland. Jack, Abou, you want them around. Jack is going to be, hopefully for the Club, a talisman in years to come. He grew up an Arsenal fan so it is important to have a guy like that in the dressing room. We will see.”

“The league is going to be very difficult but the top four is in our hands,” Henry continued. “We have the squad, there is a long way to go.

“We have to play Chelsea at home, Tottenham at home, Newcastle at home, Man City at home – it is clearly in your hands. Whereas Liverpool, for example, have some tricky games away. It’s not impossible.

“It’s sometimes down to having momentum. Hopefully we can build on what we did at Sunderland last weekend from being 1-0 down. With 15 minutes to go it didn’t look like coming back.

“OK, you can say we have just lost 4-0 in Milan but you have to believe. If you don’t believe then you might as well go home. You have got to believe and always think you can turn things around. The belief is all you need to have.”

Do we still believe? YES WE DO! Come on you Gunners!