Wenger – AC Milan Are Not That Good!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem to think that the 4-0 loss in Italy was due to an extremely skilled AC Milan, saying that the Italian side is not an exceptional team.

Exceptional or not the fact is that they whipped the floor with Arsene’s players so he’d better change things radically before the Milan match.

“It never gets out of your system, because you take it with you until the last day of your life.

“But when you love competition you always strive for the next one – to prove that you are ready for a new fight. That is what competition is all about.

“The reflection is that you can find 100 explanations that we had a poor performance and an off day.

“We lost against a good AC Milan team, not an exceptional one. Unfortunately, we were punished severely.

“I believe, for us, for the rest of the season, it is important not to dwell on that too much.

“We must focus on the next performance – respond in a positive way and ensure we have the mental qualities to be at this club.

“We have to ensure straight away that we are capable to respond, that is where the real test is.

“We cannot change what has happened, but we have an influence on the rest of the season.

“We had put together a good series of results before and we can consider that night in Milan was just where we had an off day.

“We go into a new battle now where we need confidence, belief and great commitment.”

I never quite understood why Wenger chose to change the team which won 7-1 at Blackburn instead of playing the same guys against Sunderland and then against Milan as well. That was the last match I can remember when Arsenal managed to pass the ball the way they did last season when Nasri and Fabregas were ruling the midfield.