Wenger – I’m Criticized By Nobodies!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger lashed out on everybody who keeps criticizing the team saying that he gets criticism from people who haven’t proved any skills so far in football.

Arsenal deserves to be criticized now after this horrible turn of events because it’s crazy to think that halfway through the season Arsenal is already out of every possible trophy fight.

“The competition is very hard in England. I do not want to speak too much about that. We can speak a long time about that one day.

“At the moment we have to forget all that and focus on our next game and try to win it. We have won our last away game in the Premier League so let’s win our next one at home.”

“It depends what you call a crisis. Every time we lose a game we have a crisis. Our job is about winning and playing well.

“We will get criticism but I feel that is a bit hard on the team.

“At the moment I get many lessons from many people who have managed zero clubs and zero games and zero European games.

“We have played 15 years in the top four, which is a mark of our consistency.”

Now, Wenger’s right when he’s saying that for 15 years Arsenal have played in the Champions League, but that’s getting a bit old. In the meantime Manchester United is piling trophies year after year and that can’t be easy on Arsenal’s fans, so the Frenchman should either start transferring players or leave because his method was proven wrong year after year. Don’t you think so?