How Arsenal Can Find Success AND Make A Profit!

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Why Doesn’t Arsenal combine money-making with trophy-winning? by Ajetunmobi

It is glaringly obvious now in Arsenal that things are not in order on the pitch after Arsenal saw their only chance of winning a trophy this season slip away at the Stadium of Light, marking it seven years of going trophyless for the Gunners. Arsenal are not getting it right on the pitch which is primarily the secret behind their off-pitch success. Their stingy transfer policy, the inept manager and the mediocre players are all attributes to these problems. No doubt about the fact that Arsene is a very good manager and past memories prove that, which is the reason I’m not advocating for his sack but a change in tactics. Le Prof’s tactics since our acquisition of the Emirates stadium has been something of concern, selling our best and experienced players and investing in young and injury-prone players. And Arsene’s tactics are the reason why Arsenal falter against physical playing teams.

Emphasis should not be forgotten on the transfer policy of the club. Arsenal sells their best and experienced players and fail to sign players of the same calibre. Instead they invest in mediocre, young and injury prone players. These players lack desire and winning mentality, and perhaps it’s Arsene who fails to inbuild that in them. I pray we end up in a Champions league spot because if we continue playing like this we might end up not qualifying for the Champions League. And that would be another hindrance in attracting marquee signings to Arsenal. That is, even if Arsene will stop being stubborn, arrogant and loosens the purse strings.

Arsene should stop defending the underperforming players and instead haul them out. These include Arshavin, Johan Djourou, Walcott, Squillaci, Rosicky, Chamakh, and Park among others. Qualifying for the Champions league has been our biggest trophy for the past six years which will be their usual target this year and the fans are not content with that anymore, we need to lift major trophies.

The board and Arsene should give utmost attention and the urgency it deserves to the on-the-pitch situation because it is the primary secret behind their off-pitch success which has put them among the best club in the money league table. For a better tomorrow of the club, Arsene should change his tactics first, dispose the under performing players and make marquee signings. With these the club will again be a force to reckon with and start to lift major trophies, and all the fans will be happy again. And it wont be long before Arsenal topple Real Madrid in the money league table.

By Ajetunmobi

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