Robbie Savage – Arsenal need Mourinho or Guardiola to become winners again

The ex-Wales international and recognised hardman Robbie Savage has never been popular with Arsenal fans, but he has been known to talk a lot of footballing sense in his new career as a football columnist with the Daily Mirror, and he is convinced that Arsenal will not win another trophy while Arsene Wenger is still at the helm at the Emirates.

He believes that either Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola (who may both be available this summer) will be the new manager that Arsenal need to take them back to the summit of English football.

He said: The current crop of players who Wenger has been predicting will come good so so many years simply aren’t good enough to compete at the top.

Not now, not when Jack Wilshere gets back, not if Financial Fair Play gets brought in.

Not without the addition of four or five superstar buys. And maybe not even then.

It is time for a huge change of mindset and of personnel. And if Wenger won’t do it then two outstanding candidates who are likely to be available in the summer probably will.

Jose Mourinho looks a cert to leave Real Madrid. The way he plays football might not be to Wenger’s liking, but there’s no doubt that he would bring silverware back to the Emirates.

Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona future is in doubt too. Again, he would be an excellent choice and I think both men would be attainable for an outfit that is still one of the world’s top 10 clubs.

Tottenham fans might sneer at that, and say they have more of a chance of landing either man in the summer to replace Harry Redknapp. But despite their great strides on the pitch, Tottenham will be too far behind financially until they get their new stadium. That’s when you’ll get the likes of Mourinho and Guardiola paying attention.

I have been one of Wenger’s fiercest critics in recent times. I don’t like his lack of grace in defeat and I don’t think any other Premier League managers in his position would have got away with six trophyless years.

But as I took in Arsenal’s Champions League devastation, all I could think about was what a great manager he has been, one who has created some wonderful sides, developed magnificent players and changed our game for the better in so many ways.

And when you’re thinking like that, it usually tells you something. It’s the end of an era.

Pep Guardiola must certainly be favourites amongst Arsenal fans because of the style of football he promotes at Barcelona, but even he has been outdone by Jose Mourinho this season which sees Real Madrid ten points clear of their great rivals at the top of La Liga.

Which one of those two would you like to see take over from Wenger?