Wenger Agreed To Give Two Goal Advantage And Ban Robin From Scoring

Before the game Wenger met Redknapp and saw his old friend almost crying out of sadness:

–          What’s wrong with you mate?, Wenger asked

–          Derby Day tomorrow and I have no chance to win! The Englishman replied.

–          Listen mate, I’ll give you a two goal lead if you promise to cheer up!

–          No! We were in the lead several times before, but you still knocked us on our asses!

Wenger though about it for a while and then said:

–          Listen, if you agree to cheer up I’ll give you a two goal advantage and I won’t let Robin score the first goal.

So Derby Day came about and after giving the Spurs a healthy two goal boost, Wenger pushed his squad forward, but it wasn’t easy because Rosicky, Vermaelen, Walcott and Benayoun missed the goal over and over again. Despite all this the Gunners scored and Wenger kept his promise to Redknapp thanks to Sagna’s goal.

Goals from Robin Van Persie, Rosicky and a double from Walcott put the Spurs back in their places and perhaps now the fans will shut up for the rest of the season and enjoy the short time they still have in the Big Four.