Arsenal linked with unknown French midfielder – Anyone surprised?

The newspapers have been booming with rumours lately linking Dijon’s midfielder Benjamin Corgnet with a possible move to Arsenal.

The question is who is this Corgnet and why are Newcastle, Liverpool and Arsenal all roaring to snatch him like he’s already a Ballon D’Or winner?

The thing is that he’s not that much of a hotshot everybody thinks he is and that Arsene Wenger won’t have any kind of trophies for another seven years from now on if he’ll keep trying to uncover these kind of players. Corgnet has just had one good season in the French Ligue 1 (this one) managing to score 8 goals (one less than Hazard who plays in the same league) and he’s nowhere to be found on the top 10 most League 1 assists list (where Hazard is ranked 3 with 9 goals).

He’s never made an appearance for any of the French national squads even though it’s arguably easy to get at least one appearance for a youth side at a certain point if you’re a real talent, so why give him any thought at all?

Wenger must stop this nonsense and start buying fully established players even if they’re young. How could he ever think about offering any money for a player like this when you have the option of bringing in Hazard, Gotze or many other young talented starlets?