Real Gooner Carl Jenkinson confident Arsenal can build on Spurs win

Every time the Arsenal right-back Carl Jenkinson speaks to the press you just know for sure that the youngster is a real Gooner and would give his life for the club.

He related that he was extremely excited watching Arsenal’s fantastic win over Tottenham last weekend, and he sometimes he feels like he is back in the stands supporting the Gunners like before Arsene Wenger signed him from Charlton.

“It’s strange because I am still a fan at the end of the day, I’ve got that in me,” Jenkinson said. “I am going mad when I watch things happening on the pitch, I am celebrating goals and I still feel like a fan.

“Sometimes I forget I am a player too while I’m watching but it was just good to get on for the last 15 minutes and put the last four months behind me, which have been hard work. I am just glad I came back in such a big game and got those minutes under my belt.

“It was all a bit surreal. It was just fantastic to be a part of history like that and it is my first North London derby where we have come out on top. We did it emphatically as well.

“I have watched many as a fan but now to be participating out there as a player on the pitch is just an absolute honour to be honest. It’s something that I won’t be forgetting for the rest of my life. It was fantastic.

“I always had the feeling that we could get back into the game even at 2-0 down against a good side like Spurs. I know it is easy to say that now but I really did.

“I suppose that was a credit to the way we were playing – we were doing well and we didn’t deserve to be 2-0 down.”

“As you can probably guess, everybody is on a high,” he continued. “That result is similar, I’d say maybe even better, than the Chelsea result and that has just given everyone a lift.

“Everyone is on a high and we just need to take that into the weekend and use that to go up there to Liverpool and get a result.”

If everyone had Carl Jenkinson’s love for the club, Arsenal would definitely win every week!