Wenger – Arshavin not finished at Arsenal

Wenger Explains Why Arshavin Had To Go
Arsenal’s manager spoke about the reasons for which Arshavin was let go on loan to Zenit, but the Frenchman left the door opened for a possible summer return. At the moment the Russians have Andrey on a 4 month loan, but rumours have it that they also have a £6 million buy option.

“First of all, things have not ended because he is still our player, he is only out on loan,” Wenger told Arsenal’s official website.

“I just felt he needed to play. When you are 30 and you do not play regularly, you drop your form and when you come on every time you have to produce something special.

“At that age it is very difficult. I felt he just needed a bit of confidence to play again.”

Andrey Arshavin is unlikely to play another game for Arsenal especially given the interest clubs like Anzhy or PSG expressed in him before he moved to Zenit. Even though everybody expected a lot from him at Arsenal, the Russian failed to provide and now that Chamberlain is so eager to play it would have been tougher and tougher for Arshavin to find a spot in the first eleven.

But even if Arshavin regained his fantastic early form for Zenit and Russia, would Wenger really bring him back to Arsenal?