Wenger never gave up on Diaby (but he won’t play against Liverpool)

The Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has been injured so many times that most fans will be very cynical that he has really recovered enough to actually play for more than just a couple of games for the Gunners.

Arsene Wenger said last night that he had never given up on Diaby returning to the team, but also admitted that he is too scared to play him straight away in case he gets yet another setback.

He said: “I will never give up on a player as long as he has the desire,”

“If I felt that in Diaby’s head he had given up, then I would have said yes.

“But he was always very focused. He’s an exceptional guy, Diaby. Such focus to do well is unbelievable.”

“It would be a massive risk and I will only do it if I’m pushed into a situation where I have no real other choice,”

“To lose him straight away again would be the end of the season for him and that’s a question I have to answer until tomorrow. We have to see about Song. If he cannot play then I have to consider it.”

Wenger hasn’t given any indication that Alex Song is injured up ’til now, but surely if he was then Wenger would have other options rather than throw Diaby straight in for the full 90 minutes?