Van Persie – The Chip was the right thing to try!

Arsenal came within a gnats whisker of forcing a well-earned 4-0 win over AC Milan last night, and the best chance of the second half fell to Robin Van Persie (of course!) and he tried to dink a little chip over Abbiati in the Milan goal, but the keeper managed to recover in time to keep it out of the net.

After the game Robin was asked if he would try the same move again if given the chance. “I think so,” he said. “The way I saw it, the keeper was quite close to me so the option wasn’t there to pass it left or right of him.

“I had to go for the chip, I’ll have to watch back, but that’s how I felt.”

Arsene Wenger also felt that he had to praise Abbiati for his recovery rather than say that Robin went for the wrong shot. He said: “What can I say? The one you would want the chance to go to was Van Persie. He tried to chip the goalkeeper, and you have to give credit to Abbiati. It is a fraction where the players have to make a decision, but credit to the keeper.”

So close…. and yet so far away. I guess we have to take heart from the performance from a decimated Arsenal side and at least we will have no more distractions in the race for Fourth place.

Arsenal v AC Milan Highlights