Van Persie – I’m not satisfied and I want to improve even more!

The prolific Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie is on course to break the record for the most ever goals scored in a Premiership season, but he has warned opposing defenders that he is striving to improve further so he can score even more goals next year, especially with his head!

“Even now I’m still improving,” Van Persie said. “That never really finishes. When you say, ‘I’m not improving any more’, you are finished. My heading can be better, for example.

“I’ve improved, but what’s the maximum? I’m not going to know until I find out by trying.

Yes, I’ve scored a couple of good headers this season. But when are you satisfied? People can say, ‘He’s scored three headers this year – I’m satisfied with that’ but I don’t think so. Why not five? Why not six? Why not 15? It never really stops.

“Of course I am happy in a way. I’m enjoying my life. I’m enjoying my football. But I’m not satisfied that easily.

“It’s a good thing to have in this business. I never expected to score 48 goals in one year, like I did in 2011. Never in my life would I have thought that.

“But now I have done that I want to score more than 48 because I know it is possible.”

Make it 100 next year Robin and you may take over Lionel Messi and Ronaldo in their inferior League!