Arsenal injury list update from Wenger ahead of Newcastle game

Excellent news from the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as the Frenchman announces massive comebacks from a few of the fallen Gunners.

Santos is the most important of those who are due to come back, and from those who have been out recently Arteta, Ramsey and Benayoun are due to come back according to the Frenchman.

“Santos is available if needed on Monday night to be in the squad. He has been out three months, yes.
“We played for two months without full backs so we are pleased that we have them back. He has been training for six weeks.

“Abou Diaby will not be available but Benayoun, if all goes well, could be available to join in training on Sunday.

“From Tuesday night we did not lose anybody. We have certainly back in the squad Arteta and Ramsey, so that’s the news we have at the moment.”

Great news for Wenger who still has to deal with a few injuries but he’ll at least be able to have decent substituted this time comparing to the Champions League match against AC Milan. My question for you is whether Ramsey’s comeback Is a positive thing, because from my point of view it’s exactly the opposite because Wenger might be tempted to use him and that’s really not a good idea. What do you think?