Arsene Wenger wants Belhanda – and Belhanda wants Arsenal!

The Morrocan international midfielder Younes Belhanda is playing extremely well for Montpellier in the French Ligue 1 but is now keen to move on to bigger and better things.

The 15m-rated playmaker has been linked with a move to AC Milan, but he has made it clear where he would prefer to go, and it’s not Italy!

Belhanda said recently: “Milan, I know nothing about. I think it is just rumours. My dream is to play in England or Germany.

“Everybody wants to play in the Premier League and there are some great clubs like Arsenal, which is almost a French club.”

Almost a French club lol! But anyway it’s no surprise that anyone who plays in France wants to come to Arsenal, but it is a BIG surprise that Arsene Wenger has openly declared his interest in the 22 year-old.

Wenger was quoted in the Sun as saying: “I know Younes well and like him a lot.

“But I don’t want to cause problems. Only Montpellier can decide where he goes to.”

So there you have it. Surely if Wenger has made an official approach to Montpellier then Belhanda will do his utmost to make the move happen?