Wenger: Suarez didn’t just dive – he went overboard!

Arsene Wenger waxed lyrically about the cheaters and divers in the Premiership. Arsenal were punished after Gareth Bale dived against us two weeks ago, and then Luis Suarez gained Liverpool an unfair advantage last week, and I don’t think Wenger is very happy about it!

Wenger said: “Suarez got the penalty last week. It was no penalty. Nobody touched him. Everyone who has played can understand they try to win the penalty but then they roll down the sock, and take the shinpad out like he has been kicked like mad.

“It’s a bit overboard. We don’t need that!”

I love the nautical reference in association with a “dive” and Wenger certainly knows how to make a point. I’d love to see the FA charge him for bringing the game into disrepute so we could all have a laugh at them.

And will Suarez respond when he has already been shown to be a lier and a diver on many occasions this season!