Walcott – I’ve never played this consistently before

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott was regularly critized by Arsenal fans for his inconsistency in the first half of the season, but after being booed by the home crowd against Tottenham he came back in the second half with a brilliant performance topped off by two goals.

He believes that that game had a profound affect on both him and the rest of the Arsenal team. “Football is a funny game, it is always up or down,” Walcott said. “We are only one point behind Tottenham and nobody would have thought that a couple of months ago. It just shows how strong we are not only as a team but as collective individuals as well.

“I hope the derby will be a season-defining moment.”

“Only time will tell and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves because we have a lot of tough games and so do Tottenham. But we don’t need to concentrate on them, we need to concentrate on ourselves.”

“We try and play well in every game but if it’s not happening you just have to try and forget about it. In the Tottenham game I did that and since then I’ve just been expressing myself.

“I’m enjoying playing football at the moment, I’m still only 22 – 23 on Friday – so there is still a lot to come from me I’m sure. But I feel great, I’ve never played so much in my life on a consistent level for 90 minutes.

“It obviously helps when the team is winning as well, that is important. The confidence just flows through the whole team. We have a lot of players coming back to fitness as well so there is more competition and you want to be on your toes. We’re looking in good shape at the moment.”

Arsenal have every chance to take an advantage over their rivals if they win their next three games, and if their confidence carries on being so high then they should get past Everton next Wednesday.

It’s definitely looking good for Arsenal (and Walcott!) at the moment!