Miyaichi can heap more misery on Spurs today

The young Arsenal winger Ryo Miyaichi is making headlines in every game since his loan move to Bolton, and he can today make things even more difficult for Tottenham today as Bolton aim to knock them out of the FA Cup.

Miyaichi is quicker and more exciting them Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott put together and Arsene Wenger must be impressed with the way he has quickly adapted to the rough and tumble of the Premier League.

A top Japanese journalist has been describing the effect his move to Arsenal is having on football fans in Japan. “No Japanese player has really made an impact in the Premier League, but everyone is very excited about Miyaichi,” said Mori Masatoshi in todays Telegraph. “He is the best youngster in Japan and is already second only to Keisuke Honda in terms of being the biggest star.

“When Arsène Wenger talks about him, or if he plays a game for Bolton, he is front and back page news.

“The fact that he has signed for Arsenal is seen as very important in Japan because Wenger still commands huge respect in the country following his time as coach at Grampus Eight.

“But the one thing that makes Miyaichi stand out is his character. Most Japanese players are too modest to succeed in England, but Miyaichi is strong, confident and aggressive.

“He is a pleasant and likeable boy, but he has the determination to succeed that others maybe didn’t have.”

He certainly has no fear on the football pitch despite his young age, and he is an exciting prospect for the Gunners. He will become an even bigger favourite with the Arsenal fans if he can help Bolton destroy Tottenham today!”