Redknapp Pushes On To Steal Arsenal’s Top Transfer Target

The top Arsenal target Eden Hazard is being pulled from all sorts of directions, and if Wenger won’t do something about this soon the Gunners risk losing the battle for the Belgian midfielder.

According to Tottenham’s manager Harry Redknapp the club has already started negotiating a transfer move for the midfielder who is also wanted by Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. Although the Spurs now seem like a very viable candidate, Arsenal have a history with Lille and have already attempted to transfer him last summer.

“There are others looking at Hazard but our chairman is willing to compete with them.” Redknapp said.

“If you want to compete with the likes of United and Chelsea at the top of the League, then that is what you have to do.

When asked whether a Big Four finish for Tottenham would improve their chances for Hazard, Redknapp replied:
“Oh yeah for sure. They want Champions League football don’t they?

“But it doesn’t mean top players won’t go to Chelsea or Arsenal because they don’t make Champions League.”

Given last summer’s Arsenal bid it’s expected for the midfielder to join the Gunners especially given the way everybody around the Emirates Stadium spoke about Hazard in the last few months, but we’ll never know until a deal will be struck.