Van Persie and Tim Krull laughing about last weeks time-wasting incident

After last weeks late Arsenal win over Newcastle at the Emirates, Robin Van Persie and Tim Krull looked like they were trying to start a riot over the Dutch goalkeepers time-wasting antics.

But according to the People, both the Holland team-mates have made up and have now forgotten about the unusual incident, and texting each other on a regular basis.

They quote a “source” as saying: “Robin and Tim have been texting each other this week and are now having a laugh about it. This was way out of character for Tim. He did not feel that he was wasting time but Van Persie obviously felt he was.

“He felt that Van Persie was trying to belittle him but he has already moved on.

“These things happen in the heat of the moment on a football pitch.”.

Perhaps RVP did go a bit over the top considering that Arsenal had already had the last laugh by scoring the winner. But at least it showed just how passionate the Arsenal captain is about winning.