Wenger urges caution and focus

The Arsenal manager remembers the horrifying moments from the end of last season when the Gunners saw themselves knocked out of their stride in an unfortunate turn of events.

The Frenchman has admitted that he’s afraid things will happen like they did last season, but the Frenchman declared that the situation is a bit different because this time the Gunners came from behind and managed to snatch a Champions League spot just a few weeks ago.

“We were in four different competitions and were knocked out in three in the space of two weeks,” he recalled.

“You are only human beings. Two results (back-to-back draws with Liverpool and Tottenham in mid-April) killed the hope we had to play for the championship and from then on we felt, subconsciously, too secure that we were in the top four anyway.

“Once you don’t go for the championship anymore, it’s different.

“This season, it’s completely different. We were completely out of the top four, we have come into it on a good run and now of course it is taking advantage of that momentum.

“On top of that we have experience. It is a key time. The fixtures are difficult for Arsenal, for Chelsea, for Tottenham.

“It is so fragile that it is just down to the next performance. Therefore that is what you want to focus on.

“We have had a little bit of a breather, so it is important for us to focus again and keep the momentum going.”

“Every time, we have shown outstanding spirit,” Wenger told Arsenal Media. “It’s not fantastic for your emotions, but overall when it finishes well you accept to suffer.

“If that’s the price we have to pay, we are ready, but you just want to continue with the same attitude, because I don’t believe in luck too much on that side of the game.

“If you come back, it is because you fight, and if you fight, you have a chance to come back, so let’s fight first.”

Arsenal are still trying to make the most out of this already lost season, but things aren’t looking too great for them at the moment and all they could hope for at the moment is to grab the third Premier League spot which would guarantee their Champions League participation. Anything more than a 3rd place ranking seems too much to ask at the moment, but if the Gunners will keep playing the same top quality football you never know what can happen in 10 games.