Younes Behanda “disturbed” by Arsenal interest

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has expressed his interest in transferring Montpellier’s star attacking midfielder Younes Belhanda and spoke highly of his skills, but according to the player his interest in a transfer is zero at the moment.

The Morocco starlet also declared that the offers “disturb” him, saying that he can’t concentrate on the games on hand because of the interest he gets from Arsenal and some other few clubs.

“Right now I only want to finish the season well. There are nine games left and the team face major battles, so I do not want to talk about next season.

“Bids from other clubs disturb me a bit, but I prefer to stay out of it and just stay focused on my work in the field.”

Now, I do agree that a bid from a club unworthy of your efforts might irritate you, but what’s this guy thinking? An offer from a club like Arsenal, when you’re a player like Belhanda, should motivate you into playing the best football you ever did, so what’s his problem? He’s a good player but he’ll need to make quite a few changes before he can be ready to play for Arsenal in the Premiership.