Wenger – QPR had the extra commitment

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admitted that the fault was entirely Arsenal’s for the defeat they suffered against QPR, acknowledging that the motivation was not good enough in order to defeat QPR even though the Gunners dominated the game.

According to Wenger, it was all about which team was more committed to win the three points, and at the end of the day QPR proved to be that team.

“Our performance was not good enough to win this kind of game,” Wenger said. “QPR had a little bit of extra special commitment.

“Overall we can only congratulate QPR for their attitude and be unhappy with our own performance. What we produced on the day was not good enough.

“Subconsciously something was missing today. In the Premier League if you miss something on the commitment front you are beaten. That is what happened today.”

“It is difficult to single out one reason, but why not?

“We played against a team who play for survival. We prepared properly but we missed something today and you could see that.”

Even though this doesn’t seem too much of a deal for Arsenal, if Spurs manage to win tomorrow’s match the Gunners will feel the heat once again, and there is still a lot to go until the end of the season so they can’t afford to make any more mistakes, especially given the tough games they’re about to play.