Gareth Bale – Spurs are in form and can overtake Arsenal

The Tottenham star Gareth Bale threatens that Spurs will go one better and outrun Arsenal now that they managed to pull level with their biggest rivals after the win Spurs managed against Swansea and the disappointing loss Arsenal suffered against QPR.

The Gunners just went ahead of Tottenham after fighting for a long time, and now that they lost three very important points they risk losing the third spot due to the tough nature of the following fixtures when Arsenal will have to face Manchester City and Chelsea.

“We’ve been playing well,” Bale said on Sky Sports 1. “We’ve had quite a bit of bad luck but we showed what we can do on the pitch today against a great footballing side like Swansea and got a vital three points to put pressure on the others.

“We’ve moved back level with Arsenal and can hopefully go above them.”

Arsenal are currently ahead of Tottenham with only one goal in the goal difference total, and the next game against Manchester City will prove to be a decisive one for both sides as City is looking to keep up with United and Arsenal can’t risk any more mistakes given the circumstances.