Wenger – Man City need the win more than Arsenal

Arsene Wenger believes that the pressure is more on Man City in this weekends game at the Emirates. He admits that both sides will be going all out for the three points, but Arsenal will have time to recover in the fight for third place if they lose, whereas Man City will effectively be out of the race for the title if they are defeated.

One thing Wenger is sure of though, is that neither side will be looking for a share of the points and it will definitely be an entertaining attacking game. “Both teams are in the same situation – a draw is not good enough,” Wenger told Arsenal.com.

“Man City could be eight points behind United at the start of the game. We will be in a situation where we want to win the game so it promises to be a very offensive match. In recent seasons, Man City came to Arsenal playing for the draw and I feel that this time both teams will go for the win.

“Man City have good potential and I believe personally that we are a different team now. We are more stable and it is a good opportunity to show it.”

“I say on our side it is a ‘want-win’ game more than a must-win game. We love victory and we want to win. On the table side of course you want these three points.

“Man City are in a situation where they will have to win. They are in a position as well where one point is not good enough and that is why it will be a very exciting game. It is a game where everybody will give absolutely everything.”

There have been many high-scoring games between the Top Five teams this season and we could be in for another treat this weekend. I’ll enjoy it as long as Arsenal score more that City!