Wenger – Balotelli should have had Red Card earlier

Arsene Wenger was amazed that Mario Balotelli wasn’t sent off until two minutes from the end of Arsenal’s win over Man City yesterday, and he has no idea what Roberto Mancini can do to make him less aggressive.

The Arsenal boss also used the incident as another reason to introduce video technology for referees during the game. He said: “If the referee had television replays he would have given him a red card. I thought it was a bad tackle, I said to my physio ‘what happened to Song?’ because he said he was touched at the knee. I thought maybe it was a red card but I didn’t know until I saw it.

“Balotelli was on the fringe, in many situations, he flirted with orange a few times. In the end he got the second yellow card. I don’t know what I would do with him, I don’t know him and it’s not my job to do that. I don’t want to interfere with Mancini’s job. Everybody has his cases in his own camp and I have enough work.”

Mancini himself made it clear that the crazy Balotelli would take no further part this season, and he may even have played his last game for City. He said: “I am finished. We have six games and he will not play in the next six games.”

On whether Balotelli would be sold in the summer, Mancini said: “Probably — but I don’t know. It depends, because Balotelli is a fantastic player.

“I can continue to play with Mario on the pitch. Every time, we risk one sent off, like today. But he can score also in the last minute.”

He can’t score in the last minute if he isn’t on the pitch!