So Arsenal didn’t get relegated! Now what does the future hold?

While many of us Arsenal fans are preoccupied with the on-going season, I for one would like to take the occasional glance to the future. This season has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for many Gooners.

Things looked really bleak at the start of the season. There were murmurs of premier league relegation for Arsenal for god’s sake but as the season progressed we did show mettle on multiple occasions. I know it’s really naïve for me to make the following statement but I am entitled to my own opinion as anyone else is.

So here goes: Looking at our pivotal wins and the seven-match streak, one might say that for a club with such an abysmal start to the season, our performance for the rest of the season was pretty phenomenal. Although we had many issues that went against the grain, we turned out pretty alright. With the words of Le Professor: ‘We have taken 24 points out of 27 and many of them were deserved. We have improved, that is for sure’.

With this very very incomplete statistic, I’d like to postulate how and what can we look forward to next season. If we can keep our top 15-18 players intact, we can reap the returns of the lads that have been sent out on loan, we make strategic and important purchases this season and Le Professor doesn’t get any more senile than he already is, we can strongly contend for at least 2 cups next season.

I know we always have people saying that ‘we can win this..that..yadayada… if we believe in ourselves…blah’. But all that was always mentioned when we were “this close” to winning something and especially when we bottle it during the run in. But this time, we are 3rd, 10 points adrift of second placed Man City. Think about it. If we had the quality that we have now from the start of the season and of course without the curse that has been put on our full-backs, we would have definitely been contenders. Not forgetting our wunderkid Wilshere.

But yes granted injury and all that is something which Arsene Wenger can’t foresee. Now comes to how Le Prof acts this summer. Not aiming just for world class talent which I feel that is very inherent in our starting X1. What he really needs to do is to buy players that will add depth to our bench. We have been at our lowest when players go missing for unnecessarily long periods of time. So, if we can secure an apt player who will give starters a run for their money and will be able to fill in their shoes in case anything were to transpire.

We’ll know Arsenal are serious contenders for the titles only when Le Prof decides to shift some of the dead-weights that are making our wage bill unnecessarily large, but to be honest, if we are able to finish this season in style, I’m pretty sure we can take the whole of Manchester by their horns. One can only hope though…

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”-John Lennon.

How do you see this summer panning out?