Who hates Tottenham more? Arsenal or Chelsea? (+ Twitter jokes!)

Now we all know that Arsenal fans don’t like Chelski, especially since Roman Abramovich took over, but there is nothing like the hatred for our North London neighbours Tottenham despite Chelsea’s real challenge to being the Top London club over the last decade.

And I have been to a few Chelsea matches, and have found that whoever they are playing (including Arsenal) the boys in Blue generally spend the whole game singing Anti-Tottenham songs! So why this overall dislike of Harry redknapp’s side?

Yesterday, as no Arsenal game was on, I spent the evening on Twitter with all my fellow Arsenal bloggers and supporters, and suddenly around 6pm I found that 90% of them had suddenly become Chelsea supporters, simply because they wanted the Spuds to lose! And a great night was had by all I must say and everyone enjoyed taking the pee out of Tottenham’s capitulation.

Some of the comments were very funny and I’ll print a few of the best below. But first I must say that Jack Wilshere tweeted: “Chelsea have been decent in Cup competition this year…..Mata is a player as well! Bring on Barcelona! Should be a good game!” and was immediately told off by one Arsenal blogger (who shall remain nameless) so possibly it’s okay to support Chelsea against Spurs but not against Barcelona???

Here’s just a few of last nights gems on Twitter (from Arsenal fans of course)

A new version of 5PU2S comes out as 5H1T LOL!

What a 5em1 final that was eh Spurs fans?

Harry Redknapp’s Wife: Darling get up its 6. Harry: Oh no have Chelsea scored again??

On a scale of “1 to funny as f*ck”, how hilarious has tottenham’s season been?

Statistically 1 in 5 Tottenham fans could see something the Mata with Chelsea’s second goal.

And here is a pic taken that shows the ball may very well have crossed the line:

Now I firmly believe that if it was Arsenal playing Tottenham yesterday, then Chelsea fans would have been supporting the Gunners just as enthusuastically, but to return to the question; Who hates Spurs more? Arsenal or Chelsea?