Why pick on Ramsey? The whole Arsenal team were rubbish!

Okay well as Arsenal fans we should be used to being brilliant one week and totally rubbish the next. This is not a new phenomenom and we should be more than used to it by now.

But it has now become common for the supporters on the terraces to turn on a select few players and heap the blame on them, throwing abuse and bile at these few rather than getting behind the team to get them back on track.

We all know that Aaron Ramsey has been suffering a confidence crisis, like others before him. But how is he going to get his confidence back if he gets screamed at every time he gets the ball. He is probably even more scared of making a mistake!

If only Arsenal fans weren’t so fickle they may remember that Ramsey was one of our best young players a couple of years ago until he was attacked by Ryan Shawcross, and he is still only 21 and perhaps needs to be gradually nurtured back to form.

Some of the comments on the Arsenal blogs (including this one) have been so abusive I have had to delete them. Some “fans” are even blaming him for Wigan’s second goal last night, and he wasn’t even on the pitch! Okay constructive criticism is fine and we all do it, but Ramsey’s treatment is more akin to a witch-hunt and simply has to stop before we totally destroy his confidence and his career.

It’s not his fault that Shawcross decided to break his ankle, and its not his fault that Arsenal lost Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Jack Wilshere this season, thus forcing Wenger to perhaps give him too much responsibility too early. At least he plays his heart out in every game to try and make amends, so please GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!!!!