Arsenal blow Third Place prize Four Weeks in a row! Who’s to blame?

You couldn’t make it up really. Arsenal had done all the hard work by battling back from 17th place all the way up to Third, and started pulling away from the dreaded Spuds and Chavs.

That fantastic win over Man City and Sami Cashri seemed to have secured our prize (and wrecked City’s chances of the title) but since then Arsenal have blown every chance they’ve been given.

Losing to Wigan (and also losing Arteta) seemed to convince the Arsenal players they weren’t good enough to win again, and they subsequently drew at home to a Chelsea side that made EIGHT changes from their Champions League side. A hard-fought draw at Stoke gave us hope once again as the chasing pack also conveniently dropped more points, but surely a home win against newly-promoted Norwich would be the big chance to regain a little confidence.

But yet again, a draw means we now need to hope the Spuds and Toon drop further points today, or Third Place could be cruelly snatched at the penultimate hurdle.

So the question is why do Arsenal collapse every year? Surely the carrot of a Champions League place should be enough motivation for the Gunners to play their hearts out, or do the nerves simply take over and their self-belief goes down the drain. I firmly believe that it is Arsene Wenger’s job to instil the confidence and motivation in his side and this used to be taken for granted, but he now seems to have lost his ability to do that at the business end of the season.

Should Wenger take responsibility for this?