Sagna says leg break was deliberate

Arsenal full-back Backary Sagna has broken his leg again this season in the match against Norwich City, after a tackle from midfielder Bradley Johnson, and according to the French full-back the injury didn’t occur by chance.

Sagna seems to think that Bradley Johnson stepped on his broken leg on purpose, so why wouldn’t something get chanced in football and have players who cause bad injuries to others on purpose sent to jail?

“I think he did it on purpose,” said Sagna. “He stepped on my leg. Play continues, I get back on my feet. And when I tried to control the ball, I felt a crack, just like the first time at Tottenham.
“He stepped right where the plate was. I think the plate pressured (the bone). It’s a neat break, just above the plate.

“That’s how it is. It’s football. It has happened to others before me. I came back once, I will come back a second time. Even stronger.”

If any one of us were to go to Sagna on the street and break his arm, or leg or even slap the Frenchman, I’d guarantee that we would sleep at least one night in jail for that, so why would footballers get off easy with such thing? Why wouldn’t the likes of Balotelli, Barton and Johnson get sent to jail or at least have a few law problems after causing such horrible injuries on purpose?