Van Der Vaart – If Vertonghen is sensible he will sign for Tottenham

The Tottenham midfielder Rafael Van Der Vaart, who came through the youth ranks at Ajax, has revealed that he recommended Jan Vertonghen to Harry Redknapp and hopes that the Belgian international comes through the current talks positively and signs for Spurs, and believes it is the right move for the current Ajax captain.

“I hope Jan comes to Tottenham. As far as I know the deal is close to being done,” Van Der Vaart said. “Spurs asked me about him. If he’s sensible, he will opt to join us.”

Vertonghen himself admitted that he is wanted by Tottenham, but also revealed that he has further options available to him.

“I have to make a choice.” he said. “There’s something going on with Tottenham, but there are more clubs interested in signing me. The most important thing for me is that I get regular playing time. Plus I need a stable environment,”

“In England, there is a growing realisation that you can go far with good football. Arsenal started it and now you also see clubs like Newcastle United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur playing good football.”

Well if he has a choice between all the above-mentioned clubs, I would say that Tottenham is the LEAST sensible option!