Wenger – Van Persie WILL NOT leave this summer

There have been many Arsenal transfer rumours saying that Arsene Wenger will be forced to sell Robin Van Persie if he refuses to sign a contract extension this summer, but according to Wenger that is far from the truth.

Wenger sincerely hopes that his captain will sign, but he wants to assure Arsenal fans that, even if he doesn’t agree to extend, then he still has a year left on his contract and will staying for one more season, and if you compare sports odds you will find that most bookies believe that Van Persie will still be at Arsenal for the next campaign

Wenger said: “My desire is to find an agreement with Robin van Persie, extend the contract and stay with us for a longer time. Hopefully, we can reach that,”

“If that doesn’t happen, we’ll still want him to stay but I am more focused on the first situation. I think what is important for us is that we find an agreement with him to be happy and to stay and finish his career here.

“Who would want to lose his best player? If I was in his situation I would be relaxed as well. I’m relaxed. When you open your newspapers you see a lot of clubs who want our players but I would just like to say nobody is at the end of a contract. That means all the decisions are made by the club.

“I cannot guarantee it will go well but I’m quite confident. I believe he is committed to the club, I feel the club have shown great commitment to him over the years and put great faith in him.”

We must also remember that this coming season is also the last one in Wenger’s current contract as well, so I am sure he would rather Robin stayed then risk retiring without one final flourish as manager.