Vorm – There is no way I’m going to Arsenal

The Swansea keeper Michel Vorm has made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in moving to Arsenal to be Wociech Szczesny’s backup keeper, and he is more than happy to carry on playing for Brendan Rodgers exciting new team.

“I like it here very, very much,” Vorm said. “I know I am Number One here and we play the best football in the league. I train with the best manager in the league so it would be hard for me to leave the club.

“There is no point me being a No. 2. I’m 29 in October and my best years are just starting. After 37 games in the Premier League I feel I have proved my worth so why should I go and sit on the bench somewhere?

“That’s not for me. Maybe last season it would have been different but things are different now. If I am going to go somewhere I have to be Number One!”

We all know that Manuel Almunia is leaving this summer, and Lukas Fabianski is likely to seek first team action as well, so Vorm would have been an excellent addition to the squad and could even possibly be good enough to take Szczesny’s place as first-choice?