Arsene Wenger admits that Szczesny WAS injured for WBA game!

There were numerous unsubstantiated Arsenal rumours going around that Wojciech Szczesny was carrying a shoulder injury and may have to miss the crucial final match against West Brom, but in the match preview on they denied it completely.

They said: “Wenger is hopeful that Theo Walcott will pass a fitness test on his hamstring and return to the squad after three weeks out. Despite suggestions to the contrary, Wojciech Szczesny is fine.”

But after the game Wenger decided to come clean and admit that the young Pole was indeed injured, and had been for some time. He said: “Szczesny has played injured in the last five weeks with a shoulder problem. He gets injected on the day of a game and plays, you cannot maintain your level like that forever. We just decided to do it because there was not long to go. If it was in the middle of the season we would have rested him.”

There were rumblings that Szczesny had been underperforming lately, but perhaps the injury had been a factor in his bad blunders in the draw with Norwich. One point though: Wenger obviously thinks that an injured Szczesny is a better option than a fully fit Fabianski!