Gervinho confident of trophies next season

The Ivory Coast striker Gervinho was the first of Wenger’s arrivals last summer, but after an excellent start to his Arsenal career he seemed to lose confidence in front of goal and never quite reached his potential. His self-belief took another hir when he was directly responsible for the Ivory Coast losing the African Cup of Nations after he missed the crucial penalty.

But he is sure that he will improve next season by hard work, and the rest of Arsenal’s young team will also up their game to take the club to at least one trophy next season. He said: “Arsenal can achieve a lot next year.”

“This is a great team with lots of young and gifted players. When you go through difficult times you are always criticised but I believe we can get one or many titles next year.

“I am happy to see the Club where it is today because it was tough at the beginning of the season. I learned a lot going through hard times because it’s not easy to join a club when it is struggling.

“I never had any regrets – the only thing to do is to keep the fight to bring back the team up. The only thing to do is hard work – no pain, no gain. You have to keep fighting and never give up because hard times are only temporary. You have to stay strong, keep the faith and believe you are always the best.”

“I can see the evolution of my career every day, every week, every month,” he said. “I am doing my best to always stay at my top level and to keep growing. Even when I am going through tough times, I still believe I am the best. I never let doubts enter my mind.

“I have learned good lessons through this season and there will be more work to come next season. We are going to give it all next year to end up with a trophy.

“I always wanted to play for Arsenal and I never thought I would join the club so young. I had friends here in England playing for Chelsea and Emmanuel Eboue for Arsenal so I used to come and watch some matches when I was in Lille. It was a great pleasure to join the club I have always wanted to play with.”

It is a fact that (most) foreigners improve in their second year in the Premiership, so we are all hoping for great things from Gervinho next season, but he will also face more competition for a first-team place from both Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.