Could Arsenal now hijack Vertonghen move to Tottenham?

The duel between Arsenal and arch rivals Tottenham continue despite the fact that the season is now over and the final league positions have been decided long ago, and Tottenham have now been assigned a place in the Europa League.

The two sides are now battling it out for the services of Ajax’s center-back Jan Vertonghen, who has managed to catch the attention of both sides with his amazing performances which aided Ajax in their attempts to win the Dutch league this season.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger sent mixed signals a month back, saying that Jan Vertonghen is a very interesting player and that they would be able to use such abilities, but pointing out the fact that he’s a defender and that Arsenal are already packed in the center of the defense, with the likes of Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Djourou and Miquel.

Tottenham on the other hand have been trying their best to sign the footballer in their attempts to become a better side for next season, and to finally catch a Champions League spot now that Chelsea have knocked them off the fourth position.

Vertonghen seems to be leaning a bit towards Arsenal after he visited the club to see the game against AC Milan. His friend Thomas Vermaelen’s presence in the squad is probably another focus point for the tall central defender who stated his clear intentions of joining the Premiership.