Perhaps Fabregas should shutup talking about Arsenal!

Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas told his former team-mate Robin Van Persie to stay at Arsenal instead of moving to Barcelona, one year after Cesc made his own move to La Liga.

The Spanish footballer said that he is still an Arsenal fan, and wants van Persie to remain so that he helps the team win trophies, although he himself wasn’t willing to do so last summer.

In an interview for a Spanish newspaper, Fabregas said: “As an Arsenal fan I would be happy if he stayed in London to help Arsenal win titles.”

Cesc Fabregas has been linked to Barcelona two years before his actual departure, and every transfer period came with an entire story being created by newspapers, saying that Cesc is ready to go. He always stated that he wants to go back home and play for Barcelona, the club he used to play for as a child – and it now seems odd to tell van Persie that he’d better stay with Arsenal, but perhaps new experiences bring new thoughts? I wonder what his statement would have sounded like if he’d started it: “As a Barcelona fan……”

Besides Barcelona, there are also rumors linking Robin van Persie with Manchester City, Manchester United and even Juventus Torino, while Real Madrid also seem to wait for their opportunity.

There is a well known joke between van Persie and Arsene Wenger: “So… see you next season…? ”.

Arsenal is eager to keep their prolific talisman and even came with a massive new salary proposal, a deal worth £130,000 a week, plus a £5m signing bonus, but it still seems he wants to leave to win trophies.

But why would Robin listen to advice from someone who did the opposite to what he is advising! It seems a bit hypocritical to me……