Steve Bould – I’ll do the Arsenal job my way

The new assistant to Arsene Wenger, Steve Bould, has admitted that it is going to be very difficult to fill the boots of the Arsenal legend Pat Rice, but he has refused to listen to advice from the old-timer as he intends to do the job his own way.

He is certainly very pleased to have won such a prestigious job at the club he loves. He said: “It is more than excitement, it is an absolute privilege and an honour,” Bould said on “I know I have some big boots to fill with Pat having spent 44 years at the Club and that is going to be the hard part.

“Pat has wished me all the best. I have not spoken to him too much about the job. I want to try and do it my way, whichever way that is. I will be learning on the job a little bit but myself and Neil Banfield are more than excited.”

Bould has been helping youngsters move from the Arsenal Youth team to the senior side for many years and it is said that it is the longest journey between the two dressing rooms for the new players.

“I hope it’s not the toughest!” Bould continued. “It’s certainly hard walking those 30 yards and that is part of the process we want our kids to go along.

“We are delighted when they do it and I am delighted that I am doing it. We’ll see how tough it will be – I am sure it will be – but I hope it’s not that tough!”

I am sure it will be good for Wenger to have some fresh ideas from Bould next season. Pat Rice may be a legend, but I’m sure that him and Wenger had very little difference of opinion over the decades. Perhaps Bould can inject some new vim into the team, and defensive strength of course!