David Seaman urges Wenger to be decisive over RVP

Arsene Wenger obviously wants to hold on to his Talismanic Dutch striker, but goalkeeping legend David Seaman doesn’t think that the club are doing enough to ensure this. “Arsenal have got to do more. They’ve got to offer him a great contract.”

Seaman himself moved from Arsenal to Manchester City, but the circumstances were quite different. He was at the end of his career and out of contract after 13 years and 405 league appearances. Also Manchester City were not title contenders then, but are now the team to beat. For Gooners everywhere, Arsenal losing van Persie to a Premier league rival would be a double blow.

Seaman told Talksport, “We’re in the Champion’s league now, so that’s a boost for the club and, hopefully, that should attract more players. But they have to make Robin a fantastic offer that will make him stay at Arsenal.”

What do we do? Pull out all the stops to keep him? Keep him for a year and lose him for nothing? Or cash in and re-invest the proceeds?