Is Racism set to spoil the Euros for Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott?

Former England international Mark Chamberlain, father of Oxlade-Chamberlain, admitted he considers not traveling to Ukraine to see his son’s international debut, due to his fear of racism abuse.

After public warnings from the Foreign Office, Theo Walcott’s family also revealed that they would not travel to Ukraine to watch England’s games.

Chamberlain’s father told Sky Sports News about his racism fear: “I have probably not made up my mind, but I think certainly that it is in the back of my mind.

“Obviously I would like to go out there to see if he gets on and makes his debut, but there are opportunities in the next couple of games at Wembley and over in Oslo.

“I think your safety is more important than a game of football.

“There are reports over the last couple of weeks of racist taunts and threats, it’s just prudent for myself to keep away from it.

“It’s very disappointing, obviously there has been concerted efforts and campaigns to tackle racism and in this country it seems to have gone well, but unfortunately in other parts of the world maybe not so well.
“These issues are there and along with other issues and it is up to the local government to work on it.”

Racism is a constant issue of the modern world, and it would be shameful for the organizers to have this kind of issues during the final tournament.

All we can do is hope everything goes well and that the people in charge of organizing Euro 2012 do their best offers to have a perfect competition.