Now Nasri wants to be manager of France!

Oh Nasri Nasri- You win one cup and you know it all

Despite only being 24-years old and never having managed to make his own breakfast, allegedly, French international money-grabbing turncoat Samir Nasri is now telling the manager of France what to do. “We leave ourselves exposed a lot with the system we have.” Nasri said after France needed to score twice to avoid defeat at home to Iceland at the weekend.

I thought Nasri operated in midfield and could maybe have had some influence on the game, but what do I know? Bizarrely, Nasri went on to blame the temperature for sapping the strength of the French team. Iceland are obviously more used to the heat.

“We were reactive rather than proactive but we felt better as the game went on.” The French did win the game eventually, but they were not at their best. Similarly, England were not very good against Norway but both were only warm up games.

Le crunch comes when England take on France and Nasri on June 11th. The Arsenal players Theo and the Ox will hopefully have the chance to do a bit of gloating after the game, as Nasri did when Manchester City won the title.