Will Podolski Put His Skills Where His Mouth Is?

When it comes to speaking about just how good it is, German striker Lukas Podolski isn’t afraid of showing how much he trusts his skills, and says that he has nothing to prove to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who has seen him play several times and is aware of his talent.

Podolski also stated that Gunner fans should have a look at him playing for Germany at the EURO 2012, and see what he can do for the Panzers who have been on fire during the tournament.

“I don’t think I have anything to prove to Arsene Wenger. He has seen me play several times and knows what I can do.

“I think it is clear that my transfer was no accident and, of course, I’m very glad I signed with Arsenal.

“In fact, what has really pleased me is that Arsenal fans can watch me play in a tournament like this and realise what I’m capable of at the highest level.

“Very soon I will also show that in London.”

It’s easy to speak that way, but if we were to be 100% honest, Podolski had good performances at the European, but didn’t break any records, nor smash any balls in the back of the net, so perhaps it wouldn’t do any harm to him to be a bit more modest, would it?