Wenger Attacks Italians In Attempt To Keep RVP

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has obviouly grown frustrated with the rumours linking Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie with a move to Juventus, and in a final attempt to make everybody understand that there will be no such move, Arsene Wenger declared to Corriere Dello Sport:

“I am certain that Robin will remain with us,” he said. “If you want to know why I am so certain Robin will remain with us, it is because there is no reason in this world why a great player like Van Persie should go and play for you, in Italy and in your competition.”

Arsene Wenger also clearly stated his opinion that the Serie A isn’t a league which would attract top stars like Robin, saying that they are still below Premiership standards.

“Your football (Serie A) is at an inferior level to the Premier League.”

Arsene Wenger’s attempts to keep Robin Van Persie haven’t seen any improvements yet, as the captain is still stalling his contract talks. He has also been linked with Manchester City, but his father snubbed the possibility of a switch to another Premiership club, while a move to Barcelona is out of the question for the Dutchman.