Arsenal need to let Denilson leave at any price

I really, really hope that somebody has got their facts wrong about this, but reports today claim that Denilson will be back at the Emirates for the coming season. The President of Sao Paulo has told reporters that the Brazilian club will not pay the fee that Arsenal demand.

“Denilson won’t stay. Arsenal want six million euros but we won’t pay that so we expect him to leave soon.”

I know that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board are loathe to lose money on a deal, and that they are very financially astute, but there is a limit. Most Gooners would be glad to let him leave for nothing.

Denilson still has two years left on his Arsenal contract and we could end up paying his wages while he failed to even make the bench. Sao Paulo want him, even though some of their fans have demanded that he never play for the club again. The 24-year old got involved in an argument with some fans via Twitter, but has since apologized.

We may have to lose out on this deal in order to say goodbye to Denilson once and for all. We only paid £3.4 million for him in the first place. He was very young them and Arsene Wenger was expecting big things from him but, you can’t win them all.

Swallow your pride Arsene and be grateful for anything you can get for Denilson. If needs be you can throw in Sebastian Squillachi to sweeten the deal.