Nasri shows his class to Arsenal fans

We were all wrong about Samir Nasri after all. The French international showed what a genuine and nice person he is by telling French fans that he would do everything he could to make them happy.

“We are trying to show everyone something different, and that we are not just players with huge egos and big heads. We understand the fans but we want to give them pleasure and do something special as well.”

So you see what a down to earth and caring guy Nasri is. Unfortunately he went on to mouth off and make gestures to French TV journalists after they dared to criticize him. He compounded this by having a blazing row in the dressing room with his team mate Alou Diarra. Nasri was furious after France lost to Sweden and, naturally, looked for somebody else to blame.

To cap off his tournament, Nasri exploded in a fit of petulant rage when asked about his reaction to France’s defeat by Spain in the quarter-final. He told one journalist that he only wanted to “write about shit.”

“Son of a bitch” he called another reporter, “There you go. Now you’ll be able to say I’ve been badly brought up.” We wouldn’t dream of it Samir. You obviously have the patience of a Saint and the manners of a gentleman.

The French Football Federation and the manager Laurent Blanc have apologized to the media and are considering the punishment for their “superstar.” I suggest leaving him in a room full of Arsenal fans for an hour.