Should Arsenal send Aaron Ramsey out on loan?

So the news on the block is that Fulham are looking to potentially loan Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal. This came just hours after the departure of seasoned veteran, Danny Murphy. As a result, I urge you to take these rumours with a pinch of salt – nonetheless, it makes an interesting topic to discuss.

The Welshman in the eyes of many fans has had a torrid season for Arsenal and the sports betting suggested he could be on his way out of the Emirates. I’m of the complete opposite opinion. I actually think it’s been a good season after such a long term injury. He not only was bright at the beginning of the season with amazing performances against the likes of Chelsea but managed to get a lot of game time due to untimely injuries. But because of all this game time, his performances did suffer at the business end of the season and it’s understandable that the Arsenal faithful is frustrated with him at the moment.

It has been a key transition season for him. He’s actually needed to put a lot of work in to be able to continuously play games without any repercussions from the horrific challenge by Ryan Shawcross. We also have to accept that it has been a year of ups and downs. When he was made captain for Wales by the late Gary Speed, he was doing some great stuff for Arsenal. However, ever since his tragic death, Ramsey hasn’t been the same. I’m not solely blaming the death of Gary Speed as the reason why Ramsey has been off form since the New Year; however it must’ve been a contributing factor. He is only 22 and hence is a very impressionable young lad. Not to mention that he thought very highly of the former Welsh manager; almost like a father figure to him.

I don’t know how much help a loan move would do for him personally. Maybe playing games relatively unpressured might do him some good. It may also help to put any demons to bed. Ultimately, I’m indifferent about him going on loan; it has it benefits but it also has its cons. Do we buy an attacking midfielder in the mean time? Do we ride it out in the hope that Wilshere will be exactly as good as he left off? What happens if Rosicky gets injured and Jack is not ready for the first team – then what?

There are a lot of things for Wenger to consider. If I was to be pushed for a definitive answer, I’d side more with the opinion that Ramsey going on loan could be detrimental to the team if key injuries arise (trust me, it will happen).