Olivier Giroud’s Pros And Cons. Will He Be Good Enough For Arsenal?

Arsenal’s newly trasnfered star striker Olivier Giroud will most probably have an interesting impact at the club, but is he as good as we all expect him to be?

The best thing about Giroud at the moment is the fact that he comes to the club as a French international, and as Ligue 1’s top scorer in the last season. On the other hand, the tall and mighty striker was a League 2 player only a short time ago before he managed to impose himself at Montpellier.

Giroud has a very imposing physique and an incredible header of the ball. Even though you would think that his technical abilities and shooting would most likely be below par, that’s not at all true, and he showed on several occasions that he’s not just another Andy Carrol.

The striker comes with amazing motivation at the club, and he’s eager to start playing for them after he declared: “There is a good spirit here, and that is another reason why I chose this club,” Giroud told the club’s official website.

“I am confident in the potential of the group and I am convinced that in the future, hopefully next season, we can win something.”

Giroud’s impact on the team will be extremely important especially if Robin Van Persie will leave. If the Dutchman goes, there will be little to no time for him to get accustomed to the Premiership and start delivering if he wants to get the fans behind him.