What’s The Line-up Going To Be At Arsenal Next Season?

With Giroud now also part of Arsenal, a few questions regarding the way the team layout is going to look next season have risen.

Arsene Wenger stated that Arsenal are going to fight for the Premiership title, and if we are to judge by the first two signing they’ve made this season, they are going to have an excellent shot on popping the first cup after a very long time, that is if Robin Van Persie doesn’t leave.

Giroud was seen by a few as Robin’s replacement, but Arsene Wenger completely snubbed that idea, so given this situation it’s logical to ask how will the line-up look next season. You can’t alternate between Robin and Giroud, because they would probably both be rubbish, and Podolski will surely own the left wing of the attack, so we’re left with Gervinho and Walcott to fight for the right wing, but what about the two central strikers? What do you think Wenger should do?

Not to mention that Chamberlain is also gaining up momentum, and despite the fact that Arsene Wenger has stated his interest in converting him to an attacking midfielder, for the time being he’s still a winger.

What would you do if you were Wenger?