It’s time for Arsenal to renew other contracts as well as RVP

Next week, Arsenal are set to travel to Asia on the clubs pre-season tour and Theo Walcott, Alex Song and Robin Van Persie are all set to travel. The club wants to begin talks with the trio soon and the club sees the Asia tour as the perfect opportunity to talk, where the players can be away from the media and out of contact from other clubs.

Van Persie’s final talks next week will define his intentions and if there is absolutely no chance of him re-signing. Manchester City seem to be the only club now willing to pay the money for him as Juventus’ supposedly don’t want to pay over £15+ million for him.

Walcott and Song are certainly in better situations, with neither saying a bad word about the club and seemingly have no intentions of leaving, however unfortunately we all know how quickly that can change.
My honest opinion is that both of those two will re-sign, however Walcott will be difficult unless he lowers his wage demands.

Arsenal have prepared an £80,000 p/w contract for him however he apparently wants £100,000, whilst as for Song, I don’t think any contract has been prepared yet. But he certainly deserves a significant pay rise after his performances last season proved he is becoming an important part of our team.

Interestingly Arsenal also want to speak to Arteta and Oxlade-Chamberlain about renewing their respective contracts, which they both honestly deserve however I cannot believe that Arsenal seem to making the a priority. The others are far more important and I cannot believe it’s been left this long to make first contact, with Song especially being as he hasn’t been at a tournament all summer.

Two other players Arsenal must soon look at is Arshavin (if we want to keep him) and Sagna who will be in his last contract season next summer.

This summer is starting to look very difficult for Arsenal, with so many things to sort out and suddenly this Asia tour seems to be a lot more important than originally thought.