Will Wenger keep RvP at Arsenal?

Arsenal want to keep Van Persie by AH


Arséne Wenger has today come out and said that he wishes to keep Van Persie at Arsenal despite the player’s wish to leave.

The Dutch International announced on his website earlier this month his desire to depart from the club and that he would not be signing a new contract, however recent reports have said that he was considering his options and that he could still yet sign a new contract with the North Londoners.

These reports seem to be untrue; however both Arsenal officials and Wenger believe that if they kept the player, they could convince the Dutchman to re-sign during the season.

Today Arséne Wenger told Arsenal Player;

“For me, Van Persie is one of the best strikers in the world, if not the best, and my desire is to keep him at the club,”

“As for the rest I will do what is in the best interests of Arsenal Football Club. That, at the moment, is where we are. There is not a lot more to say than that.”

Wenger added;

“Robin was an exceptional leader last year but we know how much we had to fight to come third because we missed out the start of the season. After seven games we had lost four and we have learned that for us it is vital for us to focus on the start of the season rather than on any transfers.”

“If the transfers happen, they happen. As long as you are at the club you give your best for the club and that is the only pride you can have as a football player and as a manager.”

“As long as you are somewhere you give your best every day for that club. If it changes, it changes. I am convinced that Robin is like that, he is completely focused every day on his job. He loves football, he loves the game and as long as he is here he will do that.”

Whether this is a good thing for the club or not, I am not sure. I’d love him to stay and I don’t think there’s a single Arsenal fan out there that wouldn’t want to keep him at the club performance wise and just like Wenger said, “He is one of the greatest strikers in the world.”

But if he honestly has absolutely no interest in staying, then he should definitely be sold, but like Wenger and the rest of the board, I think that there’s a small chance that he would re-sign during the season. It’s a risk to take and I’m not sure if it’s one worth taking but that’s the club’s decision and a decision they cannot get wrong. It’s also worth mentioning that this is what Wenger has said about both Nasri and Fabregas but players just seem to have too much power these days.